Wedding photography Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire

Our style

Hi there! We’re Kim and Pete and we’d love to be your wedding photographers.

Our style is a bit of a mish-mash of documentary, traditional and candid all fused together.

What does that actually mean? Well, we love to capture your wedding as it actually happens; Bridal preparation, the ceremony, your guests enjoying themselves, the speeches, your first dance…

But we realise you probably still want a few family shots. The two of you together, the bridal party, your parents, brothers and sisters. After all, how many times a year do you actually all get together?

Now we have to be honest, the formal group photos are generally the bit that everyone hates (What can we say, it’s no fun getting in a line for a picture!) so we try and keep groups to a minimum!

Of course, then, we’ll HAVE to get a few pictures of just the two of you together… After all, you have just got married!

Then we can capture some shots of your friends and family just relaxing, chilling and having a great day at your wedding.

We DON’T photograph people eating (Who on earth wants to see that??) so while you’re sitting down for dinner, we’ll leave you in peace.

Obviously, we want to capture all the speeches in all of their glory.

After these it can be a great time as the sun is setting to get some really cool informal pics of both of you. Now, all the formality is done, leave the bouquet, don’t bother picking up the jacket, let’s just get some relaxed photos of the two of you.

This can be a great time to get some relaxed photos with friends too, if you like.

After that, it’s ‘party time’ and we’ll just be walking around grabbing shots of people as they have fun..

Finally the first dance. If we can give you some advice, have 30 seconds on the dance floor, then invite everybody on to join you…

And in between that? All the little things you’ve brought together to make your day absolutely unique and so important to you. The shoes you’ve bought, the flowers, the rings, the cake, the rooms set up before anyone goes in, the favours, the pictures of loved ones gone.

We’ll be with you throughout your day, to ensure it is the very best day it can be.